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Game developer and scholar


I'm a senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute pursuing a degree in Interactive Media and Game Design. Beyond this, I'm an independent game developer and designer, writer, and musician. I have a soft spot for outrageously hot coffee and write a lot of poetry that no one will ever read. I sometimes feel like the only human that makes their bed every single morning.

Why do I make games?

I can’t think of anything else on this earth that I love more than developing, creating, or writing an artifact of entertainment. I also think that games provide a unique way to interact with an audience. You have the opportunity to do things like empower them, frustrate them, or enlighten them. You afford them the ability to take an active role in some narrative that has the potential to shift their perspective.

What kind of games do I want to make?

Well, I make a lot of games about my experiences as a transgender man - which, I feel, answers this question pretty thoroughly. I want to make games that introduce potentially ignorant players to social and economic minorities that routinely face discrimination. I want to make games that confront prejudice and spread acceptance.


Gotta Go
GG at QGCon

All of the characters have have just landed at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and are excited about attending the Raleigh Innovations Technology Conference at the other end of the city. Unfortunately, they have taken advantage of the free refreshments during their respective flights and really “gotta go.” The characters must make their way through the streets of Raleigh trying to find a comfortable restroom to empty their bladder before reaching the convention.

What is it?

Gotta Go is a progression based board game with resource management elements that tackles the issue of anti-transgender bathroom legislation in the United States. I’m proud of this project in particular because it opened my eyes to the power and responsibility that we have as game developers. We can use our craft to educate and provide alternate perspectives for those who need them. Gotta Go features a cast of colorful characters with unique gender identities that are severely underrepresented in pop culture. Players navigate through the city of Raleigh, North Carolina collecting bladder tokens and trying to find restrooms that their character feels comfortable using. The event card system juxtaposes humorous events with realistic and sombre negative events that are drawn when a character is forced to use a restroom that they don’t identify with.

Where has this game been?

Games For Change 2017

MassDiGI's Mega Games Meetup

WPI's Showfest 2017

RPI's GameFest 2017

Queerness in Games Convention 2018

Different Games 2018

Available Materials
Printable Game Manual
GG at QGCon
What is it?

FOLLOWDIRECTIONSPIEL is an interactive experience that challenges the concept of conformism. The player is faced with a panel of buttons and knobs and a set of instructions of cryptic instructions. There are no restrictions placed on interaction with the panel itself. For this project, I was lead designer and programmer as well as co-writer.

What tools were used?

Game Engine: Ren'Py

Art Software: Adobe Photoshop

Audio Software: Reaper

Where can I play it?
Here is the download link.
Spell Strike
What is it?

Spell Strike is a mobile, arcade game designed around the mechanic of timed tapping. I developed this game during my time at MassDiGI's Summer Innovation Program. I served as Spell Strike's Design and QA leads as well as one of its programmers.

What tools were used?

Game Engine: Unity 2018

Version Control: PlasticSCM

Where can I play it?

Spell Strike will launch in the United States next year. However, if you are interested in being one our beta testers, email me at to be put on the list.

Public Speaking

Gender Is Like A Sweater

This presentation explores gender identity and diversity in the context of modern media. It will cover topics such as the complexity of "passing," what it means to medically transition, and problematic representation. This talk will give insight into how to respectfully portray trans characters in games and discuss trans issues in everyday life.

Trans YouTubers mentioned in the talk
Ash Hardell
Chase Ross
Stef Sanjati
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